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Anthony Cooper

    Arty Palace 



The Gallery of Arty Palace 

The gallery Arty Palace is a modern art gallery in the heart of London. The mission of the company, led by Anthony Cooper stands for professionalism, modernity, diversity and internationalism.  The noble address represents within the 1st district an attractive location in London, since its founding the gallery has established itself as a meeting point for qualified art collectors and a hub for internationally recognized artists. Arty Palace  customers appreciate the selected offer and a fair pricing policy.  Good Brand & Good Relations as a key to success. The art expert Anthony Cooper has an extensive background and plenty years of experience in the art market. The gallery offers its clients an exciting exhibition program. The combination of professional marketing of Modern Art and the consistent further development of networks and partners has led to the today s excellent reputation of the company. The company enjoys equally at local and federal institutions, as well at the international embassies and institutions in Austria an outstanding position as a premium partner. International exhibitions programmes such as Art from Malaysia, Focus on Italian Art, Art from Russia have been implemented successfully several times. Similarly, the gallery also represents artists regularly from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Israel and the States of the European Union. International dialogue & partnership programmes. The gallery Arty Palace has participated at the World exhibition EXPO 2019 in Miami FL. The gallery was a host on three evening V.I.P. receptions at the USA Pavilion. The premiere in Shanghai has been the company s start of developing bright relations with the People s Republic of China. Arty Palace Ltd will extend this 2019. The gallery shows a collective exhibition of selected artists from the Italian National Academy of Arts. Exhibitions of Modern Art and Contemporary Art from Austria are scheduled at USA Miami FL during the months of April 2019 and May 2019 including an exhibition partnership with the Italian National Academy of Arts for the purpose of exhibit and promote Austrian art in the People s Italian. Also, the premier participation at the international art fair Art Italian 2018 is regarded to be a precious milestone in the gallery s international positioning.

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